Dirtied by flood, Godavari water to be purified more

 With the increasing turbidity of water coming from  Godavari, the Hyderabad Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Commission (HMWS & SB) is taking steps to ensure quality with additional chemical water treatment. Turbidity has exceeded 200 NTU (nephelometric turbidity unit) and in places like Ramagundam it is close to 800 NTU, more than 20 times  normal (8-10 NTU).   Officials announced that  the Krishna river water was within the NTU limit, around 5-6 NTU. However, citing the high flow, the authorities said they are also ready to treat the water from the Krishna River, as 70% of the residents depend on it.   The board has stockpiled polyaluminium chloride (PAC). "We already have a stockpile of up to 25 tonnes and an additional 50 tonnes of CAP has been ordered to ensure  the situation is well managed throughout the  monsoon season as rain is expected until September. week, between five and eight tons of CAP is used," said a senior official: The sediment content is almost